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Last night I went to listen to Honky Tonk Heroes, a local country band.   This was their first practice in months and they decided to do it live at The Sports Page .  I got there early and watched the band members wander in and start setting up.  All of a sudden with seemingly no discussion of songs or starting order, they started playing, perfectly.  No false starts.  No confusion.  Just instant music.  It was the closest thing to magic I have ever seen.

Its hard to explain really.  I adore live music.  I go out and see bands whenever I can and most of my friends are involved in the music industry.   I know what to expect when a band says they are doing a live practice.  This was different.   Ensemble music is only as good as the weakest player.   Last night, there was no weakest player.   There were only truly expert musicians, reaching for more from the music and getting it.  They were perfectly tuned in to each other and it showed in the smiles on all of their faces and the awesome music that poured from their amps.

There are moments in a person’s life when it feels like everything is in sync with the universe.  We’ve all had them:  a perfect conversation,  a home run that saves the game, a complex math problem solved.  Whatever the moment, it is perfect, practically orgasmic and almost painful because we know that it won’t last.

I’ve had that feeling on a phone sex call.  I am a story teller by nature and profession.  The calls I love best are when I get the opportunity to tell an erotic story on the phone.  I love to get into someone’s fantasy and take them in directions that they never would have thought of on their own.  I can paint a picture with words so vivid my caller can’t tell the phone sex fantasy from reality.  Its extremely erotic to have that kind of power over someone.  When I hear his breath catch, and then quicken; when I hear him moan and know he’s not even aware he’s doing it, those are things that take me to the edge right along with him.  It becomes that perfect moment, a perfect conversation, phone sex synergy.



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Why Phone Sex is Better than Chocolate

You more than want it.
You need it.
Its not just a craving, its an obsession.
Chocolate, so smooth, so creamy, so sensual.  When you want chocolate, nothing else will do.

According to the Field Museum’s History of Chocolate

Mayans and Aztecs knew the value of it. They kept it for warriors, priests and their gods.  The Spaniards brought it back to Europe and it became a continental obsession. It was labeled an aphrodisiac and hundreds of stories were written about how it could turn a virgin into a slut just from drinking a cupful of the sweet beverage.

Montezuma supposedly drank 50 cups of chocolate a day. And as if that weren’t enough, he downed an additional cup to increase his stamina before consorting with his female companions.

Casanova, reportedly the greatest lover who ever lived, was said to have drunk chocolate daily to increase his amorous energy. Supposedly he preferred it over champagne as an aphrodisiac.

The Marquis de Sade, an author and the inspiration for the term “sadistic,” had his wife send him chocolate in prison. He was even rumored to have thrown a hedonistic party where he served guests chocolate laced with cantharsis (a Spanish fly also believed to induce lust).

According to my clients, they want my sex stories in the same way. Hearing them doesn’t just satisfy a need to get off, but it fuels a growing obsession. When you want to hear my sultry sexy voice, nothing else will do.

Now, assuming that you get the same satisfaction from phone sex and chocolate, lets take a look at the other pros and cons.

Good chocolate is expensive.
Chocolate has lots of calories.
You usually want it when you are alone, but you have to leave the house to get it.
You have to hide it from your wife/girlfriend/kids/dogs. (chocolate is bad for dogs)
Chocolate rots your teeth.

Phone Sex
Great phone sex is only $2/min with me.
Not only does phone sex not have calories, you actually burn some in the process.
You want phone sex when you are alone, and that’s okay.
You have to hide it from you wife/girlfriend/kids but NOT your dog!
Phone sex has no impact on your dental health unless you accidently try to eat your phone.

In conclusion, I would have to say that phone sex with me is great all the time.  Chocolate can be good some of the time.  Phone sex with me plus chocolate, well, that might be best of all!

Call me for some sweet obsession phone sex.  You know the number!